Para sa mga Barangay: Automation Software System

29 Nov

PROPOSAL TO DEVELOP A BARANGAY AUTOMATION SYSTEM. Windows-based software to conveniently manage your Barangay System and Administration.

The system shall cover the following functions:

•  Clearances and Certificates Module
This module prepares and prints the barangay permits and certificates with photo capture.
Follows are the client information’s that are necessary in data storage:
– Name
– Place of Birth
– Date of Birth
– Address
– Findings
– Purpose
– Picture

•  Barangay Directory Module
The Barangay Directory module is important in record keeping of the client barangay. It enables easy searching of records to locate and identify legitimate residents in the area including individual profile such as:
– Name
– Family Name
– Telephone Numbers
– Address
– Civil Status, Date Of Birth
– Parents Name
– Educational Attainment
– Religion
– Years of Stay in the Barangay

•  Barangay Blotter Module
This module enables to store all the incident reports happening in the client Barangay. The following are the beneficial advantages:
– It can provide automatic record check
– Systematic issuance of Clearances and Certificates
– Efficient reporting system
– Tremendous savings of the cost in office supplies and transportation expense
– Paperless reporting system

•  Barangay Form
– Barangay Justice Forms
– Barangay Clearance with ID
– Accounting Forms
– Administrative Forms
– Letter Head

•  System Security
The system security prevents a user to do authorize task. The Administrator of the system shall provide task assignment for each user. Follows are system output involved
– Able to create User for the system
– Access Module restriction per User.
– Login and Re-login capability

•  Database Backup/Restore
– Provides a flexible tool that backups your database anytime.




Requirements, analysis and the modification will commence immediately after acceptance of this proposal.


Implementation assistance will be provided to the client; this includes installation of the system, monitoring of master files buildup, consultation on system set up, and supervision of the initial cycle test of entire system by the client’s users.


Training will be scheduled to the client with accompanying handouts to provide guidelines to the trainees who would eventually be the end-users of the system.

User Acceptance

After signing the user acceptance, Client Barangay will receive CD installer with document of instruction for future use.


Client Barangay will assign a person to take charge, who will be responsible for the proper supervision, control, and management of the project.  He / She would also serve as the contact person between the Barangay and the System Provider.

Computer Set (Included)

To run the above-mentioned system, the hardware component of the system must have the following configuration.

Processor:      AMD Sempron 145  2.8GHz
Motherboard:   Emax MCP61D3 PCIE/DDR3
Memory:         2GB DDR3 1333MHz
Hard Drive:      500GB 7200RPM Samsung Hard Drive SATA II
ODD:              DVD+RW Drive Sata2
Monitor:          18.5 Widescreen Samsung LCD Monitor
Casing:           Black/Silver with 700w PSU
Others:           Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam, Speaker, AVR, Mouse Pad
Printer:           Epson ME32, Computer Table
Drivers:           Mother Board, Printer, Webcam Drivers

Backup of Data

The client will be responsible for maintaining a working backup of the entire system both front-end & back-end.

Implementation Support and Training

Implementation support shall be provided to the client free of charge. A Scheduled training and implementation is usually done prior to the full blast use of the system.

Any revision done after the implementation, not agreed upon the signing of the business flow will be charged accordingly.


Two types of Payment:

1.   Cash basis or upon the approval of Barangay budget.

2.   Terms (The payment will acquire from the fee to be collected on the ID Card, Clearances and Certificates).

If you have any questions regarding this proposal and/or request of Full Corporate Offer, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Yours truly,

Authorized Distributor

Cell Phone Number: 0927-524-3108 Tel.: 02-919-04-79
Email Address:

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Posted by on November 29, 2011 in Automation


One response to “Para sa mga Barangay: Automation Software System

  1. georgemapilejr

    November 29, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Be one of the first automated barangay in your city/municipality.

    1. It contains complete templates in standard government forms, (Barangay Administration, Accounting, Supply Management, Budgeting, Barangay Justice) and there is no need to compose just click the tab, and fill up the forms needed then print.

    2. It has Barangay Directory System that aids barangay officials in identifying residents/profile.

    3. It issues Barangay Letterhead, Barangay Clearances, Barangay Permits and Certificates. Since the system has photo capture, it can create Barangay ID for the residents; thus it generates extra income for the barangay.

    4. It has an optional barangay Website to promote your barangay globally.


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