Relations with People’s and Non-Governmental Organizations

22 Sep

Local Government Code of 1991:


SEC. 34. Role of People’s and Nongovernmental Organizations. – Local government units shall promote the establishment and operation of people’s and nongovernmental organizations to become active partners in the pursuit of local autonomy.

SEC. 35. Linkages with People’s and Non-Governmental Organizations. – Local government units may enter into joint ventures and such other cooperative arrangements with people’s and nongovernmental organizations to engage in the delivery of certain basic services, capability-building and livelihood projects, and to develop local enterprises designed to improve productivity and income, diversify agriculture, spur rural industrialization, promote ecological balance, and enhance the economic and social well-being of the people.

SEC. 36. Assistance to People’s and Nongovernmental Organizations. – A local government unit may, through its local chief executive and with the concurrence of the sanggunian concerned, provide assistance, financial or otherwise, to such people’s and nongovernmental organizations for economic, socially-oriented, environmental, or cultural projects to be implemented within its territorial jurisdiction.

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